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50 Gallon PowerVent Water Heater

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  • 50 Gallon PowerVent Water Heater

    I put a 50 Gallon A.O. Smith water heater in last year in march, customer called and said it quit working.

    My oh my does it feel good that I didn't supply that water heater.

    Saved me more than once........if I "would" of bought it, I would be in the boat right now with a malfunctioning gas valve that is not reading a code like it should to determine what is going on.

    They would of instantly had me over a barrel, coming over there to look at something I don't have parts or be able to fix.....and with kids in the house, no hot water makes YOU the bad guy. So freaking glad I push that large expenditure away, knowing that it's notorious for screwups when electronics are involved.

    Anyway, my question:

    The vacation/warm and the very hot lights are glowing; disconnecting the power source for 3 minutes and reconnecting, pushing buttons, no result.

    It's the two extreme lights that are staying on and steady at each end of the light panel on the valve, no blinking. No fan activity and no sequence of sounds indicating it is trying to light and start the staged process.

    To me? Sounds like the gas control valve went kaput. There is nothing to take apart on those and electronics like that........pffffffft! Toss it!

    It's under warranty but given it has been over a year, it only covers the parts, not the labor.

    Don't ever knock having a customer supply a water heater; here is a prime example of a customer that is jovial/sociable/polite with me as they know firsthand they supplied me with that tank.

    If it "was" me? I promise my referral to the exact same authorized rep would look like I was just trying to pass a buck, cursing me with supplying them with a heater that wasn't up to par.

    This is a good one for JerryMac. I know he knows what's going on, he's got a PHD in waterheaterology and numerous other fine credentials.

    Bring it on JM!

    And I didn't forget about ya either bud! Still do not have product from your state of Utah.....wth is going on over there>??!!! I ordered two weeks ago.....BS!!
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    Re: 50 Gallon PowerVent Water Heater

    Just guessing but from the tags at the bottom it must be a AO Smith?
    btw I put bombshell tag up ;-)

    The lights that are lit tell you the error code. Different model gas 'smartvalves' have different error codes, be sure you are looking up the one for your particular valve.

    Most of the time I have found that the gas valve isn't the part that fails. Usually a weak or bad ground. Sometimes a wiring harness issue from people shoving stuff all around their heater and smashing the connections.

    Model number and part number on the gas valve would help us help you.


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      Re: 50 Gallon PowerVent Water Heater

      I would tell them to yank out the A.O. S**T and put in a real heater like a Bradford White or a Ruud. Every time (or at least it seems like it) we install a A.O. Smith we have a call back on it for no hot water or install and fill and low and behold another leaker.
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        Re: 50 Gallon PowerVent Water Heater

        I think this is a Honeywell control system. That's what I had to work on. Unfortunately, I'm no help. Can't remember the fault code I encountered but it involved making sure everything ventwise was connected/clean. Then unplugged for a few minutes, plurgged in and been working since.



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          Re: 50 Gallon PowerVent Water Heater

          It's a White-Rodger's gas valve by Intellivent.

          The instructions are the ones that came with the water heater

          I'm going to say that she is accurately looking at the instructions and determining that the code that's showing is not showing on the codes in the manual.

          I went ahead and gave her the name to the authorized rep, told her to move the electrical connections around to see if her kids accidentally hit it or not.

          Thanks for the efforts in trying to help. There are just some things in plumbing I don't want knowledge in.....and these are something that the knowledge base is fairly large along with a learning curve of trial and error for myself.

          I'd much rather sub it out to somebody that services them daily, has the materials and equipment on the truck to fix it like I fix the majority of plumbing........back of the hand.
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            Okay Folks!

            Here is what the problem was:

            It was a reset situation.....that's all.

            When you have both lights at either end of the panel showing steady:

            Turn the power switch off at the top for 30 seconds

            Turn back on and immediately hold the two arrow buttons down

            Wait till the lights on the display start to rapid flash

            Then quickly release and depress again

            This will reset the gas control valve without any repair to the water heater.

            The authorized rep was too busy to come out and gave that trade secret away.......the homeowner for whom I installed the water heater last year couldn't praise me enough for caring to get him the help he needed......which in turn resulted in no financial cost to him and his family.

            That customer will call me for any work in the future.

            13 minutes on the phone with no pay but I made good money on that heater when I installed it.
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