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cost of new sewer line and lift pump

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    Re: cost of new sewer line and lift pump

    Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post

    Rick, you think a M267 is the proper pump for this application?
    a m-267 is the off the shelf sewer ejector we use here. no bells and whistles. built in float and will pump a max of 23' head if i remember correctly.

    will handle 2'' solids and is pretty maintenance free.

    unless there are real specs. this is most likely the pump to go with.

    i've installed them to replace pumps 2x more expensive and these have outlasted them.

    the m-53/ m57 and m-267 are the pumps i keep in stock. all my supply houses stock them. the rest of the line is special order.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: cost of new sewer line and lift pump

      You can always get a lower price.

      Pay for quality, cry only once.


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        Re: cost of new sewer line and lift pump

        The 267 is for sewage ejection, single baths or basement remodels.
        I think this application for a house main would require more of a grinder pump.
        Though I'm certain the 267 would do the trick (they kick azz)..I'd guess this might require more in the 1HP+ range.
        Here the job stops @ 10' outside the house, then it's a different license for septic (title 5).

        As for the price, last excavator I subbed quoted $40 /linear foot.
        At 150' I'd have matched the budget the o/p mentioned before stock, drain or pump.
        Hope the towns water guy thinks twice before getting into biz for himself.


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          Re: cost of new sewer line and lift pump

          Hello all from my vacation in Hawaii (still on eastern time it is 4am here) anyway This gentleman is looking for a grinder pump so the 267 is out. For me to send my backhoe out it is $1200 for a day with an operator. What kind of pump pit are we using Precast or Fibergalss (junk) duplex or simplex pumps? nema 4x control panel or is it inside? What kind of alarms are required high water, high temp, seal failure? do we need a transducer on the pump to sense obstructions in the line? Guidrail system for the pumps? stainless stell or cheap? any rock or high graound water present? do i have to worry about the wet well floating up and do we need a generator back up for emergency power?

          Sir, I apologize that we may have sounded rude but you have to understand we do not have plans and specs in front of us so we cant properly give you a price as you can see from mine and so many other replys the variables here are endless. Not to mention Many of us are not from your area. My backhoe gets $1200 a day in LA with Rick it may be worth $1800 or $500, so it is hard for us to say. As Adam AKA Drtyhands pointed out get a price from 3 REPUTABLE and I cant emphasize that enought REPUTABLE contractors and go from there If you get prices that are not close talk to them and see why they each see things differently and bid it again! Dont just go by an Engineer saying That price is too high. Mosdt of these clowns have never even touched a shovel or spun a wrench so they dont have to go home with the aches and the pains. So once again I apologize for sounding rude but we have educated som many people on this kind of thing and then they come back 2 weeks later after hiring the lowest bidder with horror stories of how they got beat. Thank You I shall step down from my podium now!


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            Re: cost of new sewer line and lift pump

            WAM,BAM, door hitting Him in butt knocking Him down the stairs
            I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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              Re: cost of new sewer line and lift pump

              I love it when the self righteous price gougers leave in a huff. I hope ya get a real jackleg to do it for about 2 grand. The money ya save while getting screwed won't begin to pay for the vaseline you'll need.