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Energy Kinetics System 2000 - Water Heating Question

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  • Energy Kinetics System 2000 - Water Heating Question

    I have an Energy Kinetics System 2000 furnace for my forced hot water heating system and to provide hot water for showers, the dishwasher, etc.

    The water tank (a 40 gallon tank that holds the heated water) keeps calling for hot water from the furnace for five or six hours. I gave a call to my local furnace technician and he suggested that the Plate Exchanger is filled with the gunk from my rusty water and Polybutylene pipes (which I'll hopefully be replacing with PEX piping with an oxygen layer later this summer).

    In case installing a spigot above the circulator and back flushing the plate exchanger doesn't resolve the issue, he quoted me a somewhat reasonable sounding amount to replace the Plate Exchanger including parts and labor. However, I'm on a limited budget and for less than half of that, I could install a 40 gallon electric water heating system.

    What I'm wondering is whether you'd suggest replacing the plate exchanger and hoping that it fixes the issue (it could be the digital energy manager or something, I suppose) or going for an electric water heater.

    Also, if I do go with the electric water heater, does the forced hot water system for heating the house need a plate exchanger anyhow? Or should I just replace the plate exchanger with a straight copper pipe from the furnace to the Zone Valves?

    What kind of steps will I need to switch from using an Energy Kinetics System 2000 for heating our water to using an electric water heater? Would I need a Thermal Expansion Tank on the electric water heater? Would it be cheaper to run the electric water heater or keep paying for oil for our hot water?

    I'm basically thinking outloud and would really appreciate some input. I'm in New Hampshire if you have any questions about local code.


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    Re: Energy Kinetics System 2000 - Water Heating Question

    I'm not familiar with Energy Kinetics System 2000, but you are calling it a furnace yet it sounds like really you're dealing with a boiler?? I wouldn't go with an electric heater. That's about the most expensive way to heat it, at least around here. If the heat exchange plate is plugged, you may be able to clean it with CLR or something, but you need valves in the line on both sides to be able to pump it in there. Don't use anything too caustic. I'ld use a new plate before I'ld get an electric tank for anything other than storage. Just my opinion.
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