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Are hose connections on hard pipe to code?

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  • Are hose connections on hard pipe to code?

    I am in Canada so the Canadian Plumbing Code applies here.

    I am working on a project to bring all the plumbing in a building up to code. I've noticed wide spread use hose used to create flexible joints on copper and ABS pipe. The pieces of hose are usually less than 6" long and are affixed to the hard pipe with hose clamps. All the piping in question are sump pump discharges. Does this meet code requirements? I've scoured the code and haven't been able to find much. Closest I got is a clause that states that each fitting must be labeled with the rating or class (section The fittings in question would obviously not meet this requirement.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Re: Are hose connections on hard pipe to code?

    where i'm from its got to be hard piped / i generally dont use hose clamp type bands on any sump pump system i would use a screw type fitting or solvent weld the abs ( over time when the pump kicks on and off the hose clamps will losen from vibration i've seen it on sewage ejectors with no hub the band vibrated loose and **** was everywhere but then again it wasn't strapped properly) it doesn't make sense to me to go from rigid to flex then transition back to flex thats all wrong in the states
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      Re: Are hose connections on hard pipe to code?

      usually there are requirements for piping running over distances and crossing expansion joints in buildings.

      typically they are braided stainless lines, with crimped fittings.

      on abs expansion joints, we had a sliding o-ring design years ago and they've been replaced with bellows type bands.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Are hose connections on hard pipe to code?

        If I take what you are asking correctly seems like you have a sump pump dicharge line that is connected at a certain point with a fernco coupling ( rubber with 2 hose clamps on both ends ) I cant tell you about Canadian Codes as I am in Ohio but the question I am wondering is if it is a check valve where the connection takes place ? If it is that is the way they make some check valves and they do work fine most of the time. I prefer to use the compression type check valves though with an intragal ball valve built into it. They are more expensive but they are a much better product.


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          Re: Are hose connections on hard pipe to code?

          I am in canada, ontario but I should still be able to help you out. If it is a fernco the yes it is fine.

          Post a picture for a more definitive answer.