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  • QUEST/PB Question

    Pro Plumbers,
    I am considering two 15 year old properties that are in a highly desireable location, have good market resale value, and could use some plumbing expertise. In Home-A, I found 4 "T" QEST connections that convert ¾" copper to ½" CPVC. Real Estate agent stated that the Qest connections had been installed about ten years ago. The connections look dry and do not have any visible corrosion. In Home-B, Poly-butylene pipe is used throughout the home and has copper "stub outs" where the pipe exits a wall to feed a fixture.The Polybutylene pipes have copper insert fittings. Real Estate agent stated that these fittings are not part of the 1980's lawsuits that were filed complaining of allegedly defective manufacturing and defective installation causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.
    My questions are:
    1. Do you recommend to avoid these homes? (the entire development uses the same plumbing system)
    2. Would you recommend significant price adjustments to "fix" these plumbing issues?
    3. Are the copper fittings on these Polybutylene pipes part of the 1980’s lawsuit?
    4. Are all QEST products bad? Do these QEST products meet any plumbing codes? If not why were these QEST products widely available at HD/Lowes? Was the original intent for these QEST products ever approved as permanent connections?

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    Re: QUEST/PB Question

    Everything you need to know about the recall is here:


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      Re: QUEST/PB Question

      Qest polybutlylene is a discontinued product, because it fails. If you are buying a home with it, you must take into consideration the fact that it is no longer code-approved and that at some point ANY part of the system could leak at any time and ALL of it will eventually have to be replaced.
      Do not listen to anything the real estate agent says about it...that my advice.
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        Re: QUEST/PB Question

        Quest is a brand that was the major manufactor of pb pipe. Quest makes pex fitting that are compatible with zurn. The term quest and pb are used interchangeably. PB is bad stuff and not worth dealing with unless you're planning to do a repipe. Here if a pb is known to be in the wall, they must inform the seller. Some insurance companies won't cover you for water damage once they find out you have pb. I would still get the houses but knock off at least 15k to repipe the house. A repipe here for 3 bed, 1 1/2 bath single story on slab cost about 10k with pex so that's what I'm basing the 15k off of.
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          Re: QUEST/PB Question

          Crap, Crap, Crappity Crap.

          Seriously though. The copper fittings are a good thing. As far as I know there have been no failures of copper fittings when used with copper crimp rings. The problems with the pipe stem from issues with porosity and the pipe's suceptability to degradadation from exposure to sunlight which causes the pipe to chemically break down. It also has issues with chlorinated water.