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Need help with faucet

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  • Need help with faucet

    ok one of the guys i work with has this faucet at his mothers house. as a courtesy i told him i would try to identify it for his plumber. my initial thought was phylrich but the stems done match up. the stems are 3 7/16 long, the width is 15/16 diameter, and it uses washers and seats it is not ceramic. I have pretty much exhausted my known rescources supply houses bot in the real world and online any help would be appreciated. I can take pics of the stems at a later date if neccesarry as the battery in the camera died after taking this pic.
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    Re: Need help with faucet

    what is wrong with it

    from a plumbing standpoint, not a what the hell were they thinking about.

    does it drip?

    or does it keep wanting to fly away


    just looked into the birds eyes

    he tells me that the towel is there because his feathers are dripping

    you need to repack his stems or replace his o-rings. while you're at it change his washers and seats.

    a good vet will have all the seats, washers and o-rings in his truck

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Need help with faucet

      the problem is the gasket where the stem threads into the "body" is deteriorated beyond repair it is a fiber gasket i was debating just doping it up not sure if that would work becasue it seems like a running thread her plumber changed the washers seats and repacked the stems but told her that he could sell her a new faucet since it stell leaks. An almost identical phylrich for $2500 installed. I know everyone is entiteld to make a buck but she really doenst need a new faucet and this is solid brass she probably isnt going to find that in a new faucet. any ideas on the "gasket"?


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        Re: Need help with faucet

        I worked on one almost like that years ago. It was an older faucet similar to that one but the spout was not like that. It was an American Standard. Match it up to an American Standard.


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          Re: Need help with faucet

          Man, that is one ugly faucet

          It would look a lot better in my scrap bucket $$$

          Last time I saw one like that it was a Briggs or Broadway? No wait!...Streamway?

          Might take you an hour but try searching through these stems here:

          A picture of the stem would really help out


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            Re: Need help with faucet

            Ugly, kill the bastbird
            I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .