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Damaged Faucets and Moisture Damage Below

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    Re: Damaged Faucets and Moisture Damage Below


    because this just happened.

    i think the problem is, that i am at fault i admit for not noticing or paying attention to some issues back in september of last year which may have caused some damage below. They did not charge us fine.

    Secondly, i began to pay attention to the way this building is handling plumbing in general because last september when i noticed it took them a week or so to find the REAL issue which was a loose joint behind condo 806, I began to realize that managements arrogance and the supers arrogance was just too much. They got away with too much there, and spent too much time in my unit when my dad, a mechanical engineer told them to keep looking elsewhere.

    So I've started a thread about my spout but really, I am seeing a whole lot of issues in general which point to one thing. The one thing is the board, which is not following a maintenance schedule for old condos. They are not being proactive, they are not maintaining things as they should, and they wait for crisis to happen before they do anything about things.

    Believe it or not, since my question first posted on this thread, this water issue came up. We have enough warm water on and off, my parents managed to take quick showers but my dad seriously, almost had a heart attack this morning because he tried to brave some cold water in the beginning.

    This is Toronto, one of the most cosmo cities in the world, and the address is one of the most prestigious in the world. I frankly dont get it and don't understand what the board thinks its doing.

    I've wanted to write letters to the board and my mother wont let me.

    So now I'm just studying things, and asking questions and doing searches on the internet. I just find plumbing interesting.

    The memo management just sent out says that the City can not provide enough pressure as it used to because there are a number of new condos coming up in the area. This forced the condo to have to replace its booster system to adjust. But i asked some workman outside who are replacing a water main on the street and they said if the water pressure in the warm water is low and not the cold water than its internal to the building and has nothing to do with the city.


    He also said that sometimes the boiler gets clogs and less water passes through the boiler. The building did not replace it, they relined it. I'm wondering about all of this.

    I do know that the sixth floor unit has an awful lot of pressure. Too much actually. It hurts sometimes to take a shower lol


    thanks for reading


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      Old Condo Maintenance in general

      As to moving, my mother is stubborn about it. I didn't see it fit for them to be here for sometime and frankly, I don't think the manager, the super or the board knows what its doing. They are clearly in over their heads. Or they are trying to save money but at whose expense?

      I wonder how much does a boiler cost for a twenty two floor condo anyways.

      Any thoughts on my last two posts would be appreciated.

      City or internal issue?


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        Re: Old Condo Maintenance in general

        Hire an attorney.
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          Re: Damaged Faucets and Moisture Damage Below

          I'd like to wake some people up for one.

          And i would like to put the manager and the super in their places. They have really belittled me or have tried to. Because i come and go and take care of my parents I'm nothing to them.

          About hiring an attorney my parents don't want to ruffle feathers and want to be on the good side of management.

          An awful lot of back scratching and unconditional loyalty going on here. Like a nice little family/dysfunctional family.

          Everyone loves each other. The board loves management, the management is kiss *** to the board, and the super, and the board loves the super. Round it goes.



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            Re: Damaged Faucets and Moisture Damage Below

            Sorry to say this but if your parents dont want to ruffle any feathers there isnt anything you can do. Its your parents place and their responsibility to take action.
            If they dont want to do anything that is their choice and therefore mot your concern.
            You really cant do anything if they dont want you to so as much as I hate to say this I wouldnt worry about it if I were you


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              Re: Damaged Faucets and Moisture Damage Below

              I'm looking at this as a learning experience.


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                Re: Damaged Faucets and Moisture Damage Below

                So are we
                I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .