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May be a leak in my house?

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  • May be a leak in my house?


    Lately I have been hearing what sounds like a leak in my house. I can hear the hissing sound in the downstairs bathroom as well as where the water heater is located. When I turn my water pressure off the hissing(leaking) sound goes away, and when I turn it back on within about 5 seconds the sound returns. I have not been able to locate an actual leak and I'm not even fully sure that it is a leak the sound is the only evidence I have combined with it staying and going in relation to weather the pressure is on or off. Can anyone help me out with this situation?


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    Re: May be a leak in my house?

    There's the possibility that your heater might be older.
    Once the tank developes pits in the lining it'll hiss or rumble when the water is being heated.

    But if simply cutting the cold water supply stops the hissing, thats not likely...this all hinges on the assumption the it was the cold supply you turned off & not the gas valve.

    Another possibility is there's a fixture allowing hot water to leak...maybe a facuet with a drip or a laundry valve.


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      Re: May be a leak in my house?

      We need to know more about your home. Is your home raised foundation or slab? Are your water lines in the floor or are they over head? Do you have any warm spots on your floor? Do you ever get a little warm water when you first turn on your cold water? Has your water bill seen any recent changes in water usage?

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        Re: May be a leak in my house?

        could it be the toilet running?

        pull the lid and look for water going into the overflow pipe. normal water level is 1/2'' - 1'' from top of overflow pipe. most are marked on the tank.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: May be a leak in my house?

          try this--shut off all fixture valves--toilets,sinks,showers--and watch your water meter--if all is off and meter is spinning--you have an issue