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    I am trying to remove the 1 1/2" metal waste line from the Cast Iron drain in the wall from my bathroom. Needless to say it is old and not coming loose. Is heat acceptable to maybe break loose the old pipe dope or is there another trick to this?

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    Re: Plumbing help

    Take a picture of your dilema it would help immensly. It almost sounds like you are trying to unthread either an 1 1/2" Galvanized Nipple or a Milwaukee P Trap. Either way you can cut out the pipe with a sawzall or mini hacksaw depending upon what you have.

    Step 1
    -Cut the "pipe" approximately 1" from the wall or fitting
    Step 2
    -Cut the pipe out by cutting at various locations radially with the sawzall
    Step 3
    - Remove the pieces with a pair of pliers or similiar being careful not to loose any small pieces down the drain

    Hope this helped
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      Re: Plumbing help

      are you cutting it out to replace it with new pvc?? are u capping the line off?? if capping ,cut pipe and install mission band or fernco cap and tighten properly----if running new, cut pipe and install mission band to couple metal to pvc, tighten and plumb away