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Garbage Disposer Switch Kaput?

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    Re: Garbage Disposer Switch Kaput?

    Originally posted by Minneapolis View Post
    The response of JTRoanoke quoting PCPlumber is confusing.

    First, I do not see where PCPlumber ever contributed to this thread. Second, I (Minneapolis aka JinMinn) never mentioned the amount charged by my electrician but only stated that the job took an hour.

    Truth is, his company charges $165.00 for the first hour, which includes travel time. Added was five bucks for parts (junction box, wirenuts, clamps to secure the free-floating Greenfield), for a total of $170.00. By stating that this amount was equivalent to my monthly food bill, I did not mean to imply that the charge was excessive. It was more than fair, and I would call this company again in the future.

    Also, I never said the electrician had no switches in his truck but only that he had nothing suitable for what was an unusual situation.
    This got confusing as for some reason PCPlumbers post was deleted after I responded. He put up a message stating that he thought $480 dollars would be a fair charge for this job, which I found a little ridiculous. That is why I stated "if the charge was anywhere near this...". I don't know if he deleted his own post or if something nasty came back in return and the moderators cleaned it out. It does make it into a confusing thread! Glad to hear you weren't cleaned out! I tend to think of things in terms of my monthly grocery bill which is closer to $600!


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      Re: Garbage Disposer Switch Kaput?

      OP here. Four years later, the vintage General Electric Super Grind Disposall is still working, as is the toggle switch. Glad I didn't take the advice to replace it.


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        This is actually what I need! My clients garbage disposal is not switching on, its this model I believe -
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