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Please advise - kichen Sink Clogs

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  • Please advise - kichen Sink Clogs

    I am a new member here and I really appreciate any advise... my kichen sink clogged, it is a 1.5" pipe (short) connects to a 2" pipe then to a 3" pipe. A plumber came this evening to try on it. He used a 1/4" power auger reached the clogs at the end of his 25 feet cable, but just not long enough to go through it, and he know the clogs is in the 3" pipe. He doesn't have anything longer so told us to call some bigger plumbing company. I wonder if I can try to use 3/8" manul snake I myself? I can buy one or rent one 50 feet long. Is this size will be too big for these pipes? This is the first time I am trying it... Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Please advise - kichen Sink Clogs

    audry welcome and thanks for posting

    a 1/4'' cable in a 2'' or 3'' line is just a way to get it draining. not get it clean.

    you need a full time plumber or drain cleaner that has real drain cleaning equipment. 1/4'' x 25' is a handyman special.

    don't rent or try it yourself. it can actually be dangerous for a novice to attempt this. small cables kink and bigger cables bite

    let a pro do it properly.

    watch and observe, you'll see it looks easy, but it's experience that makes it easy.

    ask a friend or a neighbor for a good local referral. don't call blindly. call a recommended referral.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Please advise - kichen Sink Clogs

      Thank you so much, Rick, I will follow your instruction.... have a nice day!


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        Re: Please advise - kichen Sink Clogs

        Very good advise. Nothing like watching someone get the snot beat out of em when the snake stops and the motor keeps going! LOL
        Congratulations to Mr. "the sky is falling" Al Gore, nominated the new Village Idiot!