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Another WH question

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    Re: Another WH question

    Originally posted by Masterplumb View Post
    Good point JC. I always wondered that too.

    I think it also has to do with stagnation.
    Even raising the temperature to 160 or higher does not kill the bacteria that are living in the pipes downstream of the heater. For years we thought that if we just upped the tank temp it would solve the problem but it seems legionella can and do propogate in the piping.
    So it seems the only way to solve the problem is to keep the temps very high and temper at the fixture.


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      Re: Another WH question

      Originally posted by hack,hack,hackity,hack
      Crank that puppy all the way up. If the T&P ain't blowing every once in a while, its not hot enough!!
      Devine is that you?


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        Re: Another WH question

        Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
        If Legionnaires is such a threat, why don't they write it into the code to set temps at 140+ degrees for all storage type heaters with a thermostatic valve?

        Also, why doesnt it develop in the long runs of hot water piping? Around the radiant heated area where temps could be in the range for developing the bacteria even if the setting is 140+?

        Seriously asking.

        Why do you think they require backflow protection on the feed lines to closed heating systems? And why do you think code forbids running a heating line with your recirc line to your water heater? Stagnant water breeds bacteria in the pipes.

        I doubt turning down the water heater for a week would do it though. No expert in the matter, but people turn down there W/H's all the time. Hence the 'vacation' setting on most gas thermostats? Haven't checked out the link yet, maybe that will change my mind.
        sigpic3:00, I mean 5:00, and work is done. Time to crack a cold one.


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          Re: Another WH question

          Originally posted by Masterplumb View Post
          Devine is that you?


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            Re: Another WH question

            I usually will recommend shutting down the water main when going on a vacation to most homeowners
            To be honest I never thought about the forming of legionella in the water heater if the temp was turned down while they were away
            So if it is an electric water heater would you recommend draining the tank after the power supply is turned off to it ?
            or with a gas water heater after the gas valve is turned off ?
            I do a lot of winterizations in my area where I drain the whole sytem down if the house is vacant for any period of time to prevent any possible damage from being caused by any leaks that might happen when no one is around
            So I guess what I am wondering is if someone goes away for a week or two should they just shut off the main line and let the water heater function as normal or should the go through the whole process of draing the whole system down ?