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  • infiltrator system

    I posted in June about hydrojetting the lines and boy you guys were most helpful. I pumped the tank instead and when it filled up, same problem. I went with a new, local guy and after 22 years I guess the lines are saturated. Anyway, thanks for your time and advice.
    So what do you guys think about the infiltrator system?
    They are installing it now, I should have messaged sooner but crap happens so fast.
    Compared to the lines that were down this thing is tremendous. Almost seems overkill.
    Anyway, 3250.00 for 150ft. this length is per health dept.
    They are tapping into an existing line approx. 20 ft out and I am not sure how I feel about that.

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    Re: infiltrator system

    Provided it's installed correctly, it should work fine for many years. Sometimes referred to as a 20% reduction system. From what you've described, no plumber or drain cleaner would have corrected your problem. Only a septic contractor. And it's good you got your health dept. involved to oversee things.

    As far as price, each area and company will always vary too much to comment. But I do know that a new piece of equipment to install these can be $80,000+. That's before you buy the truck, trailer etc.

    Sounds like things are going to be corrected for the long term. Great!



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      Re: infiltrator system

      rest assured infiltrators are great they cost alittle more than the traditional tile fields but they hold about 3x the amount of effluent.


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        Re: infiltrator system

        You may be fine with infiltrators in your area, but around here they just don't work. Of the failed fields I see, most are either in a particular area known for high clay content soils, or they are infiltrators, or both. Mostly with infiltrators I see freezing problems which may not apply in your location. We have ~9mo of sub-freezing weather here a year, and commonly get down to -10F to -20F at night in the colder times of year. I doubt it will apply in Georgia.
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