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  • What do you guys think

    Whats everyones opinion of a forum dedicated to health questions? I'm sure that after so many years in the business we all face some of the same ailments that are work related. If a new forum is out of the question then maybe a sticky thread? Maybe it could be named for Plumbdog? Every so often I come up with a new ache or pain that may or may not be work related. It would be nice to have a place to ask questions or see if anyone else has ever had the same ailments. It might get some of us to go to the doctor quicker.

    Just a thought. Probably another dumb one.


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    Re: What do you guys think ?

    Seriously though, might not be a bad idea. You go first


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      Re: What do you guys think

      Let's see what Josh has to say. Maybe it could be a special area added to the Safety part of this forum, or did you mean a totally new forum?
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        Re: What do you guys think

        I don't see how a forum that provides information to better the quality of life could be considered a dumb thought.Espescially since many here are people who don't mind sharing to help others.

        If the proposed forum seems too specialized maybe it could be broadened to include other self preservation issues if needed.

        Thanks Andy

        God Bless You Dog.


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          Re: What do you guys think

          I think it's a good idea. We're so focused on the short term that we sacrifice our bodies in the process. We need to make sure though that we talk about our syptoms, we're not doctors and shouldn't give advice on health ailments without a doctors approval.
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            Re: What do you guys think

            I think it's an outstanding idea..MINDFUL of one very important thing.
            I stated on another forum that a disclaimer is a smart idea when offering what can be construed as advice, a health forum would definitely need a disclaimer.

            A new fella just joining may get the impression he's getting health advice from a professional.

            A health forum would be a fantastic way to exchange experiences and information on the common back problems, joint problems and even dietary tips we all pick up over time.


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              Re: What do you guys think

              i second that, good idea, a sort of blue collar doctors clinic and why not everyone says we charge like doctors.


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                Re: What do you guys think

                Does General Discussion work or do we need a dedicated forum?


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                  Re: What do you guys think

                  I don't think we need a dedicated forum. Someone just start posting about it, then we'll see how much response there is. I think there will be very little actually. If I want to discuss health issues, I'd be on a different forum.
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                    Re: What do you guys think


                    How much trouble for you would it be to setup a section for health related issues?

                    Call me crazy but I really would like more chapters and a real good table of contents. I would like a specail part for "What's New From Ridgid" where you and ProBrand keep us updated.


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                      Re: What do you guys think

                      fortunately Joey's brother is the authority when it comes to medical advise.

                      he's written a 1500 page book with 173 procedures and 1700 illustrations on emergency medicine.

                      like joey always reminds me,

                      plumbing advise is fine

                      medical advise from a plumber is not

                      like service guy mentioned.

                      we always discuss job site injuries,

                      but actually having a section for medical advise would be similar to what you guys think about diy's and hacks.

                      although i do give the doctors a run for the money with my "seweroscopy" i perform

                      i doubt they would trust me with a colonoscopy .

                      now removing brass slivers, i'm an expert

                      phoebe it is


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                        Re: What do you guys think

                        Originally posted by Josh View Post
                        Does General Discussion work or do we need a dedicated forum?
                        Right, I haven't seen it pop up enough to warrant a seperate forum..however, the existance of such a forum might encourage discussion of healthy work habits, smart idea's on diet or info when someone isn't sure they have a problem that warrants serious attention.

                        I got carpel tunnel in both hands when I was younger living in ME working in the lumber industry.
                        At that age I just chaulked the numbness and pain up to par for the course.

                        Come to find out I should have had it seen by a doc, it still recurrs during very busy spurts, my hands go numb and I have to take usually a few days down time to let it ease up.

                        Had I asked around in my 20's I'd have had the surgery, I will likely have to get it eventually, but a health forum could benefit us by opening the door for discussion of things that won't come up in ordinary discussion.


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                          Re: What do you guys think

                          How about this for a health subject...

                          Imagine this (if you need too)

                          You are 55 years old and you worked in the trades (any of them) for 25 years. You fixed and built a ton of neat things, but by the time you retired your knees, back, and hands hurt every day. In fact, you quit working a little early because you just couldn't take it anymore.

                          In order to subdue the daily pain, you take more anti-inflammatories and pain killers than the doctor says you should.

                          You love to golf and hunt, but can only squeeze-in golf or hunting once a week because it takes a few days for your body to recover. Besides, your retirement package is a little tight and you need to watch how much you spend. Problem is, you are used to being pretty active, and it's tough finding affordable things to do the other six days of the week. Consequently, at times you're a little board.

                          You were exposed to all kinds of nasty things over the years, including asbestos and pathogens. You will not know for a long time what the consequences might be of your exposure to all of that nasty stuff. You think about this, but quickly put this concern in the back of your mind for another day.

                          Question 1: How much compensation (dollars) will be required over 25 years to make your career worth the pain and risk? Answer this question before you read and answer questions 2 & 3 below.

                          Question 2: Divide your 25 year compensation figure by 25. Is the answer more or less than you are making per year right now?

                          Question 3: Does the answer to question #2 motivate you, or de-motivate you, to provided detailed trade knowledge to the general public (DIY)?

                          Question 4: Do the answers to any of the questions above motivate you to fight for local, state or industry standards that protect your craft?
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                            Re: What do you guys think

                            I was just thinking about asking a couple guys about my shoulder pain.

                            Hawk and Gear Junkie have had recent rotator cuff surgery and wanted to know their symptoms and how the treatment went

                            I can't sleep on my right side anymore. Extreme pain when my arm is lifted over head.

                            Is it terminal?


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                              Re: What do you guys think

                              I didn't have surgery but I did have shoulder problems which they said due to arthritis when I got my MRI. It does hurt when I lift my arm above my head. I was sent to physical therapy and they gave me exercises to do to strengthen the minor muscles which actually stabilize the joint. I also have arthritis in both knees probably due to running and my weight(260). When I was fat, I had lots of joint problems but since I've started weight training, the joint problems are pretty much nil.

                              Another story; my dad almost got kicked out of the army in the 80's due to back problems. His final hope was getting sent to a doctor who looked at him and recommended he due some ab exercises and gave him a list to due. He was mad at the advice but did it for 2 months and the pain went away. He's continued to do the exercises and his back hasn't been a problem since.

                              Weight training is very important to keep a healthy body. Your physical appearance has no play in your actual health. I've seen skinny guys who can't do a pushup and guys, overweight by navy standards, run a 16 minute 2 mile. But you have to keep your body strong. Getting in shape is a lifestyle change, you have to keep the postive change for the rest of your life to get the benefits.
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