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Sewer Smell from Floor Drain

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  • Sewer Smell from Floor Drain

    We are periodically getting smells from our floor drain at work. We thought the p-trap was dry and we've tried pouring water down it but we still got the smell. Last week we had a plumber in and had him cap the floor drain with a rubber cap and clamps. In two days the rubber had deteriorated and we noticed the brass around the drain was corroded. We also looked at the sink in the bathroom and notice that the chromed plastic around the drain on the inside is corroded.

    My guess is that the janitors are pouring some caustic chemicals down the sink? Is this a reasonable assumption? Can sewer gas be this corrosive?

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Stu

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    Re: Sewer Smell from Floor Drain

    Yes, reasonable assumption.
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      Re: Sewer Smell from Floor Drain

      The trap may be back siphoning itself. Fill the trap, then check later. No, no...chemicals down the drain, bad news.


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        Re: Sewer Smell from Floor Drain

        Could be a venting issue. Any of those little automatic air vents lurking about?
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          Re: Sewer Smell from Floor Drain

          What is "at work".

          I have investigated a few "sewer" smells that have turned out to be nothing more than poor cleaning or dead mouse.

          Also if something caustic enough to eat rubber that quick is being dumped down the drain then theres a good chance the pipe has corroded enough to allow sewerage to leak under the slab..?? Have you had the pipe inspected with a camera?
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            Re: Sewer Smell from Floor Drain

            #1-if a rubber fernco cap dteriorated in 2 days, u need to get a plumber there asap to find out what is going on-those caps ,from what ive used, have never had an issue--2 days is very crazy--you have a serious issue that needs addressed now--if someone is dumping chemicals that caustic in that drain, there could be a major health hazard at hand--just think if that sewer backed up and was all over the floor and some plumber had to snake that --not only would he have it all over his machine, but all over his tools and himself--what if this chemical touches his skin and he gets a serious health issue--from ur description--rubber gone in 2 days--you should get a licensed,experienced plumber over there asap and also find out what the heck is getting dumped down the drain- sewer gas from waste and water alone wont do this type of damage this quick---find out whats getting dumped and stop it immediately

            CALL A PLUMBER


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              Re: Sewer Smell from Floor Drain

              Thanks for the advice. We've had a plumber in and he was the one that capped the floor drain and he was the one who checked the rubber cap and saw the deterioration. He said that he had never seen anything like this before so I thought I'd see if anyone else has ever come across something like this.

              The people who clean the building are a hired cleaning company. I'll check with them again to see if they can remember using anything different in the last few weeks. I checked thier janitorial closet and they had the normal cleaning products such as Mr. Clean, Comet, Windex but also also had a gallon jug of liquid ammonia. Could this be the culprit?

              If all else fails, we'll flush the drain with water and then see if we can have someone send a camera down it.

              Thanks again. Stu


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                Re: Sewer Smell from Floor Drain

                What type of work is done there?? Any chemicals to clean machines or anything like this????something funny is going on--rubber caps dont "deteriorate" in 2 days from normal sewer use---i bet something is going down that line that shouldn't be--- and also, if u asked the cleaners, do you really think theyd tell you they were too lazy to haul it away and properly dispose---???? If ur plumber does not give answers or seem concerned, find another that will be--please post to let us know