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  • American Standard

    What is everyone's opinion of American Standard toilets and faucets? I see the faucets with "lifetime warranty" plastered all over the boxes, and saw a toilet that said it would flush a bucket of golf balls with one flush. A lot of marketing brain power went into that, but how true are thier claims? American Standard has been around for a long time, but are they now owned and made overseas? Poor quality or average quality?

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    Re: American Standard

    I personally have had Good luck with them, although a lot of other people have not, I prefer the Cadet 3 over the Champion 4 as I pefer it's fluch mechanism, Their faucets I havent had any issues. Their toilets are good but toto's are better, their faucets are fine just as good as everyone else such as kohler or delta. Good customer service, parts are readily available and probably will be for quite some time.


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      Re: American Standard

      the a/s champion toilet is a great flusher. the original flush valve tower was an issue. very complicated and gave problems. it's been replaced with an oversized flapper assy.

      if companies would kiss/ (keep it simple stupid) we wouldn't have the issues in the first place.

      anyone who has a champion flush tower can order a free replacement flush valve as it came with a 10 year warranty

      their newer faucets come with ceramic stems.

      their older hi end faucets had "aqua seals" which still work good to this day.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: American Standard

        Amen to Aqua Seals!!!


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          Re: American Standard

          The faucets I looked at all have the ceramic stems. Thanks for the replies.


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            Re: American Standard

            American Standard has sold off the plumbing division, to a leveraged buyout consortium, and that division is merged with Eljer and Crane. Notice that they emphacise "north american" meaning made in mexico.

            Since the primary goal of a leveraged buyout is to create return for the investors, cost cutting is a major player. One of the things that often happens in this kind of merger is that support for older models of all three brands dries up. All the old parts catalogs, tooling, drawings, etc. just seems to get lost in the shuffle.


            So what is American Standard, really? The parent American Standard Companies has sold off the plumbing division to the aforementioned leveraged buyout firm, which has now merged that division with crane and eljer. The original parent company ( owner also of Trane ) is now strictly in the air conditioning business. So an "American Standard" faucet or toilet is just a label which some bean counting investors are allowed to slap on a product which they will have made as cheaply as possible, somewhere in the world, but DEFINITELY NOT in the US!
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