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Concrete clogging horizontal pipe

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    Re: Concrete clogging horizontal pipe

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    is this a brand new home or a home that is new for you?

    what has the seller or builder said about the issue?

    a camera will help locate the issue and it's possible that you will have to dig it open.

    i've had real good luck with a high pressure jetter.

    a forward blasting nozzle will cut concrete.

    check with the original builder/ seller for assistance.

    Yes, this is a new home for me, but it is also an old building. We renovated the place.
    The problem with the workers here, are that they are irresponsible. I am afraid I cannot hold anyone (including the builder) responsible for anything. Here, we have to supervise everything that is done. Otherwise, such matter (clogged pipe) will happen.
    I will check if there is any real professional plumber that can help. Here, everyone claims they can do this and that, but in fact they cannot. So I worry that I cannot find a proper plumber.
    Thanks. I will see if someone has any high pressure jetter AND knows how to use them.


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      Re: Concrete clogging horizontal pipe

      Originally posted by toolaholic View Post
      You need to find a profesional that can camera the drain. Make SURE that You get a copy of a tape or cd. Jurys love movies!
      Too bad, such a thing doesn't work. So what if you can tape them (doesn't work in Indonesia). We just have to make sure they don't mess it up ourselves. There may be real professionals but they are very hard to find. If not, expensive!


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        Re: Concrete clogging horizontal pipe

        Originally posted by stokefire7 View Post
        Hello, I'm curious about Indonesian plumbing, could you post some pictures?
        Thanks Mike
        What type of pictures? Of the men working or the piping?
        Piping are all underground/ inside the wall, so it is hard to show you. Unless they are working on them..which they are not, at the moment.