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  • Plumbing vocabulary

    Hi experts, I'm tearing my hair out with a translation from Swedish to English about relining pipes.

    Is there a word in English for the following:

    "Name of the part of vertical pipe that deviates 90 degrees from standing to lying placement for example in a floor or up at the roof and after at least 0.3 meters deviates 90 degrees again to a standing placement." {'branch'?}

    "Similar to above but deviates with 45 degree bends instead of 90 degree and changes the placement sideways by 0 – 0.5 meters on the standing pipe."

    Also, is there a slang term for horizontal pipe in bathrooms?? In Swedish it's called "frogs."

    I really appreciate any help you can give. I don't know where else to turn!

    Grateful lady in Oregon

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    Re: Plumbing vocabulary

    katlyn, is this you sounds like a trick my buddy would pull since he just moved to oregon.

    is the word you're looking for called a "riser"

    typically on repipes, you can do the horizontals and then do the risers.

    horizontals are typically the lines under the house/ crawl space/ basement.

    the risers are the verticals that go up into the walls.

    steve, is this your coming out

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Plumbing vocabulary

      No, I'm not either of the folks you mentioned, but I'm grateful for the help!