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Ridgid Pipe Dies

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  • Ridgid Pipe Dies

    What is the difference in the pipe dies sold by Ridgid? Ridgid's web site shows the following models: 00-R, 12R, 11R and 00-RB. What are the advantages of each. Does each model require a different rachet?



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    Re: Ridgid Pipe Dies

    Each one of the dieheads does take its own ratchet. The 12r, 11r, and OOR all use the same die segments. These are for pipe. The difference is how go into each ratchet and the available sizes. The 12r and 00r are all called exposed ratchet sets as the pawl in teh ratchet is out (exposed) and hooks into the lobes of the diehaed. The 11r ratchet the pawl is inside (enclosed) of the casting. They all give you the same thread. The 00rb is for doing bolt, it also has its own ratchet but only uses one die, called a button die for threading bolt. The 00rb can only be used on up to one inch bolt. Hope this helps.


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      Re: Ridgid Pipe Dies

      Had me worried with the title of your thread.
      I had a bout with hemeroids latly but I am still kicking.


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        Re: Ridgid Pipe Dies

        oor is from 1/8 to 1". and 12r is from 1/8 to 2". both use alloy dies and high speed dies. both use different ratchet handles. the oorb is for bolt threading . it use unc thread dies or unf thread dies. and also uses a different ratchet handle.