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Strange Tapping Noise

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    Re: Strange Tapping Noise

    Problem Solved. I replaced the PRV and the tapping is gone. That was the best $250 I ever spent!

    Thanks for all your comments - without your help, I'd still be trying to figure this out.


    • DanaDeb
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      Editing a comment
      I recognize this is a almost 10 year old post but what brand & model number PRV did you have and did you replace it with. I have the same issue and have replaced the PRV with a new one a few years ago due to the tapping. My replacement was same model and brand to ease replacement, (IE no soldering!) and the tapping returned after a year or so.

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    Re: Strange Tapping Noise

    I'm glad we could help!


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      Re: Strange Tapping Noise

      I need some information about Gewindeschneidmaschinen - Tapping machine SONE auto grip:
      Which company is a manufacturer of machine? Is it RIDGID or BERG & SCHMID or ... So did they had in the past the same model ?
      Where can I buy spare parts?
      I need blades (dies) (Schneidbacken) for 3 inch pipe.

      With a friendly greeting
      HIDROMONT Ltd. Prilep
      Igor Aceski


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        Re: Strange Tapping Noise

        i googled "gewindeschneidmaschinen tapping machine". www, found they have pictures of 16000 machines. can you get all of the numbers and names from machine? it might help if you start a new thread. ridgid's people will be here on monday. usually. pictures and all the names + numbers would help. have fun. breid..............