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Basement Waste Line

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  • Basement Waste Line

    For a basement 4" drain line can I have it run approx 25Ft and a 45 degree elbow and then another run for about 6 ft before connecting to the main waste line, will I have a problem with it flushing correctly? The venting part is already to go but want to make sure it work correctly before I dig out the area for the 4" line. Is there a certain amount of pitch you need to have every few feet? Someone told me you need 1/8" pich every foot or so(?)

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    Re: Basement Waste Line

    Pictures would help a lot.
    If you were to ask my if you could put diesel feul in your car because the hose fit would it be a good answer if I said yes

    We can run 4" at 1/8" in our jurisdiction.I'm not sure you can in yours.

    We are only allowed 135 degrees(3-45s) before adding a cleanout fitting.Your inside that number.You still need an end of run cleanout.

    Just out of curiosity...Would you be interested in explaining your proposed vent for this fixture.



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      Re: Basement Waste Line

      1/8" per foot.
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        Re: Basement Waste Line

        Originally posted by wrench spinner View Post
        1/8" per foot. Chauncy is in your area PM me or him for his info.
        I think Chauncy is in Orange, the poster is on Long Island.


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          Re: Basement Waste Line

          i confused Rockville Center with Rock Tavern didnt I?