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Help , wanting to install new sink

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  • Help , wanting to install new sink

    Greetiings : ) Purchased a Frankie Kindred Canada Sink to replace my old one , fits fine and all , i also bought a new Kohler Faucet / with pull out Spray
    (K-596) all was going smooth untile i wanted to replace the underneathe drain fittings etc... I am collecting several have tried them all and none seem to fit : )

    always off if not to connect the dish washer then to fit the middle main drain ,

    Please advise : )

    Any words of wisdom will be appreciated : )

    cheers ,


    really appreciated finding this page : )

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    Re: Help , wanting to install new sink

    A picture would be nice, we can then tell you if an end outlet or center outlet would work best in your situation. Plus where to correctly hook up the dishwasher.
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      Re: Help , wanting to install new sink

      LOOK!!!! WASILLA!!!!!

      What do you think of your former mayor?
      This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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        Re: Help , wanting to install new sink

        lol : ) all i can say is that it's amazing to see all these national reporters camping out , trying to get scoops from the locals : )


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          Re: Help , wanting to install new sink

          get a picture posted in a few : )

          thanks for your time and patients : )

          as i lost all mine : ) lol


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            Re: Help , wanting to install new sink

            have no clue how to load the pictures : ) i will appreciate advice on that too : ) lol : )
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              Re: Help , wanting to install new sink

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                Re: Help , wanting to install new sink

                Originally posted by bit View Post
                all i can say is that it's amazing to see all these national reporters camping out , trying to get scoops from the locals
                Come on!
                You've got to give us something!
                Has she always had that sexy librarian thing going? Or is it just for the campaign?
                How did regular Wasilla folks feel about her before all the hype?
                What did you guys think of her "Road to nowhere" comment?
                Please answer down in the "Open Discussion" section of the Forum under the "Sarah Palin" thread. Thanks.

                And as for attaching pics, just look for the paper clip icon.