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  • Venting required?

    I am rebuilding a bathroom. I have a bath tub that will drain into 2 " ABS running for 2 feet then flowing into 4" ABS which is vented to the roof (4"ABS) in another 5 feet. My question Do I need to vent this tub? Also the vanity sink (2" ABS) will dump directly into this same 4" ABS, but even closer the to the same roof vent (about 2 feet). Do I need to vent this sink? All the runs are horizontal (with proper slope) except the 4" vent which is obvious vertical to the roof. What do the codes say? Will I have draining problems if I do not vent.

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    Re: Venting required?

    If the branches connect on the horizontal they need to be individually vented.If the fixtures are tying in on the same floor into the vertical stack you're O/K.