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Can anyone answer this heating question?

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    Re: Can anyone answer this heating question?

    I don't think any of the regulars here don't know what a monoflo is.
    When I hear "one pipe system" I automatically think steam.

    I have seen gravity hydronic systems, but this one is new to learn something new all the time in this trade:

    Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
    We still service many one pipe gravity hot water systems.
    I'd have to think the main branch for a system like this would have to be huge....


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      Re: Can anyone answer this heating question?

      Well Duck that is becasue the majority of the regulars are from California where it is sunny and 65 degrees all year long. Its funny, in the North East its mostly Joe Shmo Plumbing and Heating, anything south of PA is Joe Schmo Plumbing and Drain Cleaning!


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        Re: Can anyone answer this heating question?

        Originally posted by khlee815 View Post
        TWO pipe heating system, to keep balance

        a) supply pipe long, return pipe short
        b) supply pipe short, return pipe long
        c) increase supply pipe (runoff)
        d) monoflow tee orientation

        Can you explain this?

        Thank you.

        i misunderstood the original question.

        before the invention of aquastats, electric zone valves and such, is it possible the monoflo/1 pipe/hwh gravity sysytem was the pre-curser to the 1 line steam heating system?

        i don't think there is such a thing as a 2 pipe system that incorporates a monoflo tee. but i may be floating on a ice pan in the middle of the bay one this one.

        i was taught that a 2 line hwh system was called a reverse/return system which means the first rad supplied (shortest supply) is the first one returned(longest return). then balancing valves where used to control the temp. for each rad. and allow for variables unforeseen on the drawings.

        am i suffering from willnots desease?


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          Re: Can anyone answer this heating question?

          A couple more piping diagrams that may help you out.

          These two do not require a monoflow tee.

          One pipe gravity water did indeed take pretty big mains as well as risers. Typically there would be an open expansion tank mounted in the attic to keep pressure on the system. Because the tank is open filling the system was a tricky proposition. Many tanks had the overflow piped down through the house to a location fairly close to the fill valve. When you got a shower, the system was full. Controls were rudimentary also. Usually a high voltage thermostat run through a single high limit aquastat to the oil burner primary (mercury stack switch) (goolge Penn Controls)
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