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Pellets stove insert best install location.

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  • Pellets stove insert best install location.

    I am purchasing a pellet stove fireplace insert. My question is, where is the best place to install it? Basement or 1st floor. I live in a 1200sf 2 bedroom solid brick ranch with a 1/2 finished basement. We have forced hot water heating using oil. The radiators (cast iron) on the first floor are recessed into the walls. Both the basement and 1st fl have large fireplaces.

    My original thought was to install the pellet stove on the first floor which is used more (60/40) then the basement, but I'm now concerned about the piping for the radiators on the 1st fl which extend into the basement walls (brick). If I place the unit on the first floor and all goes to plan, the stove may prevent the radiators from needing to be used often. Can't that lead to frozen pipes? Thus, I also now thinking of putting the unit in the basement and avoid these concerns but most advise that this will not do much to heat the rest of the house (fireplace is in the finished area). Only connection between floors is the stairway.

    So, I'm looking for advise and opinions on where is best place to install the pellet stove.