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  • ScaleBlaster

    Can't remember how I Googled this to run across this guy, but it sounds most interesting.

    Have you guys ever heard of a "ScaleBlaster". Their web site is here.

    Googling "ScaleBlaster" some more actually found some very positive results.

    I found one place wanting $300 for the smallest unit. Seems pricey and I am sure the mark up is huge.

    They essentially claim that by passing an electrical field around the water it prevents lime build up and even removes existing buildup. It sounds a little like hocus pocus to me ... but their information and references, and even the Google results actually seem to suggest the thing actually works.

    Anyone run into these?

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    Re: ScaleBlaster

    i know a dude that was working on a similar idea using toroids and low voltage. i don't know if he ever marketed anything. i like the idea.

    we have VERY soft water so it wouldn't be a large seller here, except for those with wells. i have a full cistern (43,000) gals of rainwater. can't get better than that

    In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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      Re: ScaleBlaster

      I also found this link which led me to this link and hence a much cheaper alternative.

      Still be interested if anyone out there had personal experience with one of these or the like.


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        Re: ScaleBlaster

        zeta rod!


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          Re: ScaleBlaster

          There we go ... same concept ... do they work?


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            Re: ScaleBlaster

            They make a scalebuster that you wear like a baseball cap, comes with extra batteries.

            You can wear it while you shower and no need to do the water lines in your house. The buildup covers your teeth and simple brushing every morning takes care of it.

            So anything you ingest or take a shower in, the baseball cap takes care of it.

            I got 4, and for a limited time offer for ridgid members only, I'll let them go for the very low introductory price of $9.99 and that does not include shipping.

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