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Pipe Rattles

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  • Pipe Rattles

    I have been trying to track down a problem with my hot water pipes. When the hot water is turned on there is a rattle sound in the pipes all the way to the hot water heater, but I have been unable to track the cause down. There is no sound when the cold water is on and interestingly if I have cold water running when I use the hot water there is no rattle sound. Water pressure is about 55psi in the house and they are copper pipes. What do you guys think it could be?
    Thanks in advance-TPS

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    Re: Pipe Rattles

    A pipe needs to be secured.You will have to find it.Sometimes a few have gotten lucky and have inserted a sprayfoam tube into the cavity in the wall and gotten it that way.


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      Re: Pipe Rattles

      it's possible that there is a check valve/ check ball in the hot and cold water nipples in the heater. one can be rattling and causing the noise.

      these would be a factory nipple and are directional specific.

      i would remove them and retest. they tend to seize in place sooner or later anyways.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Pipe Rattles

        Thank you Dirtyhands and Plumber Rick,
        Plumber Rick, I will try to check the valves you mentioned first, as that sounds the easiest. Are you speaking of the actual nipples that go into the hot water tank at the top and connect to the copper pipes? I will check it out. If it is not that then I'll bet Dirtyhands has it and that will entail a search. Fortunately in this instance the pipes in question are in the attic and under much insulation but at least I can get to them if I can get a feel for where it is coming from. Last time I tried it sounded like it was coming from one place and as I moved over there then it would sound like it was in another, it was real frustrating. I do not begrudge a good plumber his living that is for sure ya'll earn it! My wife does not necessarily make the best help at this either bless her heart. Thanks guys-TPS


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          Re: Pipe Rattles one more question

          I have checked out some things and am unable to actually find a loose pipe so I think Plumber Rick hit the nail on this one. The hot water side on the Hot water heater has what sounds like a ball bearing rattling around in it at the nipple and when water is shut off it sounds like it falls in place on metal. I rigged a listening device and it was pretty evident that the noise is indeed coming from this point. How it sounded like it was from up in the pipes I am not sure. Anyway, my question is this-will it hurt the plumbing or pipes to leave it like it is? It is a nuisance but is it damaging? I hate to cut the copper and resolder fittings just to change the nipples out, but I will if there is damage being done. Thanks for the answers and replies guys.


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            Re: Pipe Rattles

            I had a problem with a pipe one time it made noise but found no reason. I hooked my jetter intake to it and pulled out some small solder and plastic from some old pipe that was hooked to it. After drawing the stuff out with the jetter the water run a lot faster too