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  • NYC Main Line and Photo

    Can anyone describe what I should see, as a camera goes down my main line ? I live in NYC, and the distance to the city sewer is about 55'. After about 25', my DIY camera goes underwater. I have been tring to see how bad my "root problem" is. Had a recent backup into the sump sink. THANK God for that sump sink.

    Is a mainline normally filled with water or does this mean there is a blockage before the city connection ?

    Anybody know of a link to a "typical" NYC sewer ?

    See attached photo from my DIY camera.
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    Re: NYC Main Line and Photo

    If there is a stoppage holding water you won't be able to see much with the camera anyways. Have a drain cleaner clear the roots and send his professional camera down the line to get a proper diagnosis.

    And no, it's not normal to have standing water in the sewer line unless there is a running trap or whatever you Yorkers call them


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      Re: NYC Main Line and Photo

      There should be no water in the line unless it is moving this is the case in NYC or anywhere else.

      PC, we call them house traps


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        Re: NYC Main Line and Photo

        IMPORTANT ! Do not put Your Nikon into the clean out! Borrow a friend's camera

        You have a blockage ! Use DIY K-60
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