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  • Cordless drill, sparks

    I just purchased my first RIDGID (R84001 18v 12"cordless drill), which is an opened box return , and noticed that once I let go of the trigger there are sparks inside the housing where the vents are located. It smells of electrical burn.

    Is this normal?

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    Re: Cordless drill, sparks

    bring it back and compare it to a new one in front of the sales person.


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      Re: Cordless drill, sparks

      Try running it a few minutes at about 1/2 speed and under no load. Sometimes the carbon motor brushes need to seat (break in). It is normal for there to be sparking when you let go of the trigger. The motor is shorted out and being a permanent magnet type motor it acts like a shorted out generator. This is why it stops fast. Try releasing the trigger slowly. It's must easier on all of the drill.

      Normally after about 15 minutes of easy does it use the carbon brushes will be better seated and there will be less sparking. There will be some sparks if you do let go of the trigger quickly. This is normal. If however there are lots of sparks with the tool just running, I would then consider it defective and return it.

      Please try letting it run a few minutes under no load and see if that helps before going to the bother of returning it.

      If you only notice the sparking when you release the trigger, try letting it up slowly. It's like slowing to a stop or slamming your brakes on when driving your car or truck. The fast stop with power tools is a safety feature that I personally feel is of limited value with a drill. If they just cut power to the motor that should work out fine.

      Actually the reason for electric braking with a cordless drill is that many are used for driving screws.
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        Re: Cordless drill, sparks

        the drill has an electronic brake and the spark is just the brake kicking in.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Cordless drill, sparks


          I always reach to the back! Works for apples at the Market Too! ASK MARTHA S.
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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            Re: Cordless drill, sparks

            Woussko/Plumber Rick, you advice and information is what I was looking for.

            Even though this is an open box my local HD said if there are any issues, and I have the receipt, I can return it for for the same/similar model just like Sears does for Craftman tools. Worse case, I have the receipt and can register it for the LLSA.

            It's good to know these guys stand behind the product line.


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              Re: Cordless drill, sparks

              I just bought one of these (RIDGID 18v cordless drill). I noticed the sparks but expect they will subside once the brushes settle. It only happens when you let go the trigger while running at high speed. Sometimes a spark makes it out the side. Electric motors will do that, good to remember when working around flammable or explosive vapors.

              I like the drill but especially because of the Lifetime Service Agreement - since batteries and chargers can be troublesome. Has anyone had experience with RIDGID honoring the Lifetime Service Agreement?