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SSP-1000 Sump Pump Delayed Turn-off

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  • SSP-1000 Sump Pump Delayed Turn-off

    I bought the unit about a year ago as a spare and put it in service 4 days ago. It has the solid state water sensing switch. It does not turn off for 3-4 seconds after draining the sump down to the inlets and the gurgling/sucking noise during this time is horrible.

    It it true that this switch will "learn" when to turn off? Is it a slow learner? Anything I can do other than buy a new float type switch to use?

    The solid state switch sure sounded like a good idea.

    All help is appreciated

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    Re: SSP-1000 Sump Pump Delayed Turn-off

    I would definitely buy a tethered-type float switch. By far the type of switch that requires the least amount of maintainance / failure rates.
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