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  • hot water radiation

    i have a cold water run the lies a few inched on top of a gas chimney. so bu cold water and that heating starts running when i want cold water i have to let it run for a while. yes yes yes i will relocate the cold water run... but this brings me to this question.

    let's say i have a hot water heating system and that i run a hot water copper pipe along the heating pipe... would the hot water circulating in the heating pipe be worthy of 'heating' the other pipe hence saving money in the long run? (ala water pump recirculation)

    in so many words, is hot water radiation a money saver or a waste on time... and money?


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    Re: hot water radiation

    Hot water lines are supposed to be insulated. However, if you were to purposely pipe these lines in contact with each other you would run a risk of scalding because hydronic piping can and often does exceed 200 degrees.