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Aquabrass Thermostatic Shower Valve Install

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  • Aquabrass Thermostatic Shower Valve Install

    I purchased an Aquabrass shower system that includes the thermostatic valve/volume control. However, the instructions are quite I am seeking expert opinions.

    The valve connections for the supply lines and the outlets for the shower head and handheld shower are 1/2" female npt. I am wondering the best way to make these connections. Is it best to makeup the male 1/2" connection with teflon into the valve then solder the copper supply/outlets to these??

    BTW, here is the link to the install document:

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    Re: Aquabrass Thermostatic Shower Valve Install

    That's exactly how I did it, brass fittings with copper pipe soldered to them. Then back to brass with elbows for connecting both the shower column and the tub filler. (January 2010)

    There had to offset the valvle assembly from the tub filller and shower column, to avoid the controls always being behind the flexible shower hose. The most pain was running the line from the valve body to the tub filler, as it had to cross the hot supply awkwardly.