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Jucuzzi tub spout problems

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  • Jucuzzi tub spout problems

    Older Jacuzzi tub. Bizzare flat rectangular surface mounted tub spout. Has a little disk on an arm you rotate with a toggle thing to cover the discharge and divert to shower. Pure junk. Replaced it about 18 mo ago with outrageously expensive and long time coming same junk from jacuzzi. Now broken again.

    Anyone run into this?

    Any alternatives (other than tossing it out and sticking copper up thru and putting a ball valve on it, which is actually being considered despite the ugly factor as it would at least work).
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    Re: Jucuzzi tub spout problems

    Waterfall spout?

    Let me cracked?

    Yea, replaced a dozen of them on 3 or 4 tubs. You do the math.

    The problem is that it can't sustain the water pressure when diverter is on.

    Sometimes the homeowner bumps their a$$ on it getting in the tub

    Usually a b*tch to access too.

    Careful with those plastic threads underneath, they'll cross up on you in a second


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      Re: Jucuzzi tub spout problems

      Yes, access is crap, had to cut away some lumber underneath to get to it last time, and you are right about the threads. Is there anything of any decent quality to replace it with? I just can't stomache another $70 or whatever it was for this hunk o junk I know is going to just break.
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      This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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        Re: Jucuzzi tub spout problems


        Most of the ones I did were under warranty from Jacuzzi. After about a dozen they decided to decline warranty work because the homeowners upgraded their hand helds to one that had a shutoff. Too much back pressure caused the spout to crack right at the shank.

        Eventually we went to a Kohler Rainbow Spout with a separate diverter body mounted through the tub deck. But that's gunna put you just slightly over the $70 dollar budget

        I was never able to get a copper female adapter to thread on the Waterfall without crossing up or stripping. I used a CPVC female adapter on the spout side then another CPVC adapter to go to copper. Looked like a 10 year old kid assembled it, but no leaks

        I know, I was a bit of a hack back in those days