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ouside anti siphon valve faucet "low flow"

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  • ouside anti siphon valve faucet "low flow"

    I have an outside faucet from the depot with an anti siphon valve. The problem started this summer when trying to fill the hot tub my wife noticed we have very little flow from the valve??? All other faucets inside and out flow fine. this is a 12" frost proof model 1/2 turn valve The water barely trickles out?? can these be repaired or is a new model in order?? It seems to me by design the anti siphon portion would not have anything to do with low flow??
    What else could it be ...I'm stumped. any help would be great!!
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: ouside anti siphon valve faucet "low flow"

    sounds like possible dirt in the actual anti-siphon end.

    typically these are not removable or serviceable.

    a 1/4 turn valve usually is very reliable.

    p.s. i don't have frost proof hose bibbs out here, but the anti-siphon is very problematic.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: ouside anti siphon valve faucet "low flow"

      Thanks for the quick reply.
      The anti siphon part is on top of the valve. (one piece unit)
      I looked at a diagram from a similar unit (Woodford Model 17)
      and the anti siphon portion looks like it could not restrict out flow??maybe junk at the shut
      off area??????i'm lost.


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        Re: ouside anti siphon valve faucet "low flow"

        By design there is no possible way the obstruction could be in the anti-siphon device. Check to make sure that the hose was not left connected and it not split last year, and half of the water is going into the basement/crawlspace. Other than that make sure if there is a shutoff before the valve that it is fully open and remove the stem to remove any possible debris. My $ is on someone left a hose connected last winter and the faucet has broken inside the house.
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          Re: ouside anti siphon valve faucet "low flow"

          Took out the guts and found a piece of solder the size of a bb in the end.
          Works like a charm now. Thanks for all the input!!!!