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Strap Wrench capacity

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  • Strap Wrench capacity

    Rigid catalog shows number 5 strap wrench capacity as 5" pipe for both the short & long strap wrenches. For O.D. tubing it shows different capacities for the short & long strap wrenches. I would think the 'pipe' capacity would also differ with the two wrenches. A longer strap would obviously go around a large diameter pipe. What am I missing? Thanks Bill

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    Re: Strap Wrench capacity

    may be the capacity is determined by the handle length not the strap length, as all the 18" handles are rated at 5" and the 11 3/4" for 2" rating,
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      Re: Strap Wrench capacity

      I wonder what's in the printed catalog or on the box labels regarding capacities. Looking at strap lengths and tubing ODs listed, I think there may be a good many goofs. Things just don't make sense on the web site.

      I would recommend actual test tries of any of the strap wrenches someone is considering buying. This would be for both max and min sizes it will properly with with.

      I hope ProBrand or someone else with Ridge tool sees this and can provide some answers.

      Checking another brand I see where regarding threaded iron pipe that they seem to base ratings on handle length over strap length but their tubing ODs are based on strap length. I think BHD is on to something, but I'm still

      UPDATE: I think some of the capacity rating has to do with width and strength of the strap and overall strength of the wrench.
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        Re: Strap Wrench capacity

        My thanks to you and BHD for your insight. I'm going with the length of handle theory since a relationship does follow. Carrying that thought, I guess the strap strength would be the most plausible limiting factor. Meaning an 18" handle could likely result in strap failure on pipe larger than 5" ? At any rate, you've given me all the answer needed to ease my tortured mind & return to routine muddling.

        Thanks Bill