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Plumbers and carpentry

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  • Plumbers and carpentry

    Is there a concensus among plumbers regarding carpentry? Sometime next week I have been asked to look at a couple bathroom remodels. One small and one large, whatever that means. Apparently at least one needs a new floor and toilet. I have no desire to attempt to set and plumb a toilet. Would plumbers rather take out the toilet fix the floor and reset the new toilet? Would most plumbers prefer to take out the old toilet have a carpenter fix the floor and then return to set the new toilet? Or have me take out the old toilet, fix the floor and they come in and set the new fixture?

    I suspect a new vanity will be in order for at least one of the jobs. Do plumbers prefer to install the sink as part of the job or would they rather just do the water supplies and waste hook-ups?

    I have started using a new plumber as a referral, (the one I was using robbed a customer, charged way too much) and I have no problems asking the new man his preferences. I just kind of wanted to know.

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    Re: Plumbers and carpentry

    Just a personal preference. I'm sure everyone is different. Depending on what you mean by a new floor. If a person is removing and reinstalling vinyl flooring or ceramic tile then it is almost easier for them to remove the sink and toilet. If however, it is necessary to remove the OSB or strip down to the joists then I would rather be called in before the OSB is reinstalled so I can rerough the drain pipe if I felt it was needed. I have always liked to set my own vanity base and sink tops, many times the base has a solid back and it is necessary to replace shutoffs and escutions. Easier to just turn the main water off once.
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      Re: Plumbers and carpentry

      Generally speaking, you should do all of the demo and then call the plumber to do rough plumbing if necessary. After all of the floors and walls are ready have him return to do top out. When all of the finishes are done call him one last time to set finish.

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        Re: Plumbers and carpentry

        Thank you for the replies.

        By new floor I meant replacing rotted OSB. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I never thought about a plumber installing the vanities. I will be sure that is part of my discussion with the new plumber.

        I will call him even before I tear things out to see what his preferences are.

        Thanks again,