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Removing a clog

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    Re: Removing a clog

    I had a customer warn me that he used Draino. I thanked him for the info.
    Ended up cutting into the line in a crawl space. Some water and "draino" ended up going down my sleeve and soaking my arm. No big deal as Draino doesn't bother my skin. After about 3 seconds my arm started getting hot then hotter, then burning. I scurried out of the crawl space, lifted my sleeve and found holes burning into my skin. 25 degrees out and I stripped all my upper clothing and tried to wash the area with snow. Didn't work so I ran into the customers bathtub and washed with soap and water.
    The guy end up apologizing when I asked him what the he11 he used and he says" I got some industrial stuff from my dad who works for the state".
    I ended up with a big tip and an even bigger lesson.
    INSIGHT PIPE is now Maine Drain Serving most of ME with no charge for travel! 207-431-6232 is nolonger a working # our NEW # is 207-355-1476
    Sewer main snaking (roto rooting). Sink clogs. Sewer backup. Pipe inspection/locating. No Dig trenchless repair. Root clog removal.We are NOT to replace your local Plumber, as we do not do plumbing. WE ARE YOUR DRAIN CLEANING EXPERTS!!! waterville winslow bangor augusta skowhegan fairfield pittsfield oakland


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      Re: Removing a clog

      my wife's grandfather lost an eye to lye based drain cleaner and use of a plunger, (it splashed back up in his face), so be very careful,
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
      "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."
      attributed to Samuel Johnson
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        Re: Removing a clog

        Originally posted by MPMGinAL View Post
        You are right about the taste! Characteristics of acids are that they have a bitter taste, I believe that bases are sour.
        Problems occur most times when Mr. DIY dumps the drano in and if it doesn't clear right away product 2 is used and so on til he determines that a plumber will cost less than products. By this time drano has begun to crystalize in pipes.
        I seen this quite a few times.Throw on the safety shied and chipped this crap
        from a few toilets.I've had bad luck in commercial places where you get various cleaning chemicals in the mix.Those I end up changing out the cast traps.
        BTW if your plunging and you dont get a good vacuum, it's plugged past the vent.NOW get some friends with a plunger on every vent and every drain and give that a shot.Then it's time to snake.


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          Re: Removing a clog

          Originally posted by A23 View Post
          For the past 2 years now or so, we always have issues with the water going down in the kitchen sink. I have tried various brands of that draino and liquid plumber whichs hardly works at all.
          How slow is slow? After two years, seems the drain would get worse and worse? I don't know if it's a real issue with any type of habitability.

          Don't clog up your pipes, it gives the owner a valid reason to charge you to fix the problem. What you might want to do is to polity complain in writing and in person on a regular basis. Then if you are asked to leave, or if you receive a rent increase, you can challenge that as retaliation for your complaints. Document every reply, if any, from your landlord, just in case you will ever need it.
          I have met a lot of stupid professionals.
          I have met a few smart DIYs
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