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Dip tube problems still?

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  • Dip tube problems still?

    Are you guys still finding dip tube issues with water heaters?

    I've found 2 heaters this week both were installed after 2003 that have deteriorated dip tubes

    Different companies, different style heaters

    I've seen a few dip tubes being sold at Ferguson lately too

    Just wondering if you all are experiencing the same thing

    Washington Water & Sewer Assoc. changed the chemical makeup in our water a few months back to deal with high lead levels. I wonder if this has something to do with it.

    Maybe just a fluke

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    Re: Dip tube problems still?

    Must be from original bad chemical batch. Ican't imagine a Municipal water Co. having anything that harsh. Wouldn't it kill You?
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      Re: Dip tube problems still?

      Last monday's 75 gallon powervent water heater had a dip tube that was 1" long, that's it.

      Haven't had many calls though where a diagnosis was to correct a failing dip tube though.
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        Re: Dip tube problems still?

        Found another 2 year old heater with a bad or missing dip tube this morning. This is a 75 gallon gas with only 18" of clearance above it. Just how am I suppose to replace that dip tube?

        Something bad is going on and you heard it here first


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          Re: Dip tube problems still?

          I hear about bad batches of dip tubes all the time ( It feels like)... I wonder if China is sneaking some of the old stocks into the supply chains...

          DIP TUBE BULLETIN UPDATE - January 2001

          In November 1999 Bradford White Corporation (and the other major water heater manufacturers) entered into a national class action settlement with a group of more than 14,000,000 consumers nationwide to provide effective relief for their dip tube problems. In connection with the national class action settlement, the water heater manufacturers engaged in a far-reaching and comprehensive notice program, in which they:
          • published notice of the settlement in nearly 900 newspapers and magazines, including a full-page ad in the USA Today;
          • sent notice by mail to more than 133,000 licensed plumbers nationwide and to hundreds of municipal water authorities and home owners' associations;
          • sent a press release (including video) to thousands of daily and weekly newspapers and television stations throughout the country;
          • created a website detailing the settlement program and established a toll-free dip tube hotline number; and
          • published information about the settlement in Spanish in the country's twelve largest Spanish publications.
          In addition stories on the dip tube issue ran in numerous trade publications, newspapers, magazines and on TV. By way of example, Good Morning America ran a feature story on the dip tube issue. The Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports magazine also chronicled the dip tube problem.
          Under the terms of the Order of Final Approval of the Settlement by the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri, the deadline for consumers filing claims under the settlement expired on December 31, 2000. This deadline was agreed to by counsel for the class of consumers and approved by a Federal Judge.
          As of January 1, 2001 consumers may no longer make dip tube claims to either the Settlement Administrator or to Bradford White. Consumers who timely filed claim forms will continue to be serviced by the Settlement Administrator. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.
          Due to the expiration of the filing deadline, Bradford White will not accept any claims for dip tube related expenses or costs filed on or after January 1, 2001.
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