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Low pressure supply water line change

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  • Low pressure supply water line change

    1/2" copper supply line in over 60 years house had been changed to 3/4" copper pipe by city, but city changed only around curb stop which is located 60ft away from the water meter.

    Now I have realized the water pressure is better than before but it is not enough the peak demend time.

    The meter's inlet and outlet is 3/4" but used reducer to 1/2.

    So, I am thinking to change the 1/2" supply to 3/4 from the outlet of the meter to the first tee fitting (just before cold water supply line and hot water tank).

    If I do that it will be 3/4" supply then 1/2"(60ft) from curb box or near to meter and 3/4" from the meter to first tee fitting.

    They have
    1 bath tub
    2 toilet
    2 lavatory sink
    1 kitchen
    1 washing m/c
    1 laundry tray
    1 garden hose bib

    I will be about 17 fixture unit.
    If the water pressure is ok then they will make a shower booth.

    Do you think the water pressure will be better if the line after meter is changed to 3/4?

    I know the minimum supply size is 3/4" but changing under ground pipe is not easy and a lot of money so if possible they want to avoid to change under ground line.

    Please give me some advice.

    Thank you.