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  • flexible joint

    Hello. I need some advise on a shower installation. I am changing out the shower in our basement (concrete floor). The old shower had thin PVC wall panels and as such was butted up to the finished wall. The shower I am putting in has thick fiberglass wall panels that fit up against the studs, not the finished wall and therefore is 1/2" tighter to the corner. The problem comes at the installation of the shower base. Because it fits tight to the studs it is displaced from the drain by about 1/2" The old shower base drain mated to the floor. The new shower base drain is about 3" above floor level.

    Is there a product out there that will allow me to join the floor drain to the shower base drain with a 1/2" offset in about a 3" span?

    I am trying to avoid busting up the floor to reposition the drain 1/2". The only other option I can see is to shim the wall behind the shower out 1/2" which will present it's own set of problems when I go to finish the wall i.e. drywall to shower wall fit.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: flexible joint

    Why not build your own pan with mortar and tile, then use your fiberglass walls on top of the tile pan? Or Swank it up even more and install tile on the walls.


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      Re: flexible joint

      You can try to use 1/2" fur strips on the studs to put the base back center with he drain.(tear sheetrock off wall were paels will go.)
      Your other option would be to cut out enough concrete to dig down to the trap, cut out the old trap, and then install a new trap in the possition needed to work out for the new shower base.
      Your other best option would be to call a licensed/insured plumber.


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        Re: flexible joint


        have you ever heard of the rubber couplers by fernco?

        i don't know if they would have a product to meet your needs, but they might be worth checking out.

        i believe you should be able to get them at your local hardware store.


        life has become much easier for the plumber with the invention of the rubber coupler


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          Re: flexible joint

          A 22 and a street 22.


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            Re: flexible joint

            Thanks for the replies. Because the old shower drain was flush mounted to the floor and incompatible with anything going back in I busted out the floor and moved the p- trap. A little more work than I was hoping, but worth it in the end.