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Dishwasher drain concern...

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  • Dishwasher drain concern...

    I just redid my kitchen sink (on main level) drain, which drops down into the basement, continues down then catches my washing machine and laundry tub in PVC (All of it....). My dishwasher (on the main level) drops below the floor, then has about a 15 foot run before it connects in between my kitchen sink and everything else.

    Whatver the case (Assuming its picturable), I didnt redo the dishwasher section on the count of 1. Wasnt planning to, lol; and 2. Having NOW seen inside the drain that the inch and a half is reduced to about a half inch, it would be pointless unless I figured something else out first.

    Now, I realize that a dishwasher doesnt use much whatever, and whatever it does clean, all goes down the drain, so clearly this 15 feet of drain is FAR to long, I need to come up with some other solution so that it doesnt just clog to sheeet again once I do redo it, whenever that is.

    The only solution I could really think of (Without redoing the whole kitchen to place the dishwasher closer) is to put a cleanout just at the beggining when it turns into ABS drain and fish it every so often; maybe stick a hose in it too to wash it down..........

    Is there any way to connect an inch and a half pipe to say a copper water distribution pipe? some sort of crazy valve like scenerio.
    Im just pitching random ideas out now, I really dont have a clue =/

    Anythig is appreciated! Thanks.

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    Re: Dishwasher drain concern...

    Some pictures of all this would help, because in the picture I am forming in my mind, you have a lot of things wrong here. But I can't see it. Where are the traps? Are you using S-traps? Does the DW drain into an indirect drain?


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      Re: Dishwasher drain concern...

      Yes sir, sorry.
      I only snapped these two pictures when I was there, ill get one of under the kitchen sink next time im there.

      This one is the verticle drop after the kitchen drains p trap;

      The black ABS pipe that connects in with a 45 and a Wye is the dishwasher drain, that continues for another 4 feet or so after the picture ends, hits 2 45's (Still staying on a horizontal) and goes for another 8 feet or so, hits a 90 pointing it diagnol and upwards, then uses a dishwasher adapted, then a hose clamp to clip on the dishwasher plastic drain pipe.

      The under-continuation of the picture I just posted is this:

      As far as im concerned, once it hits the verticle PVC drop shown in the first picture, the kitchen sink will wash out anything that makes it there, its that ~15 foot horizontal stretch that does nothing good... =/

      I had an idea for an elaborate crazy system involving tapping into a copper water distribution line, adding a valve, a check valve, increasing to 1" and a half copper, a fernco, connecting into the PVC pipe (Which will be put in if I do redo it, assuming theres a point :P) and then just every time they use the dishwasher, once its done, have them hit the valve and wash out the line a bit. =/

      A cleanout aswell after the fernco connection in the PVC ofcourse, and yea.....Thats basically all ive got as an idea, lol.


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        Re: Dishwasher drain concern...

        You need to make a mechanical connection at the point you transition from ABS to PVC.
        Glue in a short piece of pvc and then use a mission style no hub band coupling.
        Sounds like a good drain cleaning is in order and you will be fine.
        1/4" per foot fall.No more, and with a good cleaning this will last until you pour grease down!


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          Re: Dishwasher drain concern...

          Right now its just transition glue, which if I do redo it, id like to extract the ABS from the PVC 45 all together and have it ALL in PVC. Thanks though, but the connection options are the least of my worries :P

          They say that they never use the dishwasher except for fancy occasions like the millions dishes come Christmas. So either A) They should take the half chicken left on the plate off befor einserting into dishwasher, or B) It was already like that. =/

          My real concern is that if I do redo it, itll just happen again, which im trying to avoid, but my dishwasher knowledge doesnt expand much further than a couple of its minor functions :P

          Do you think that a dishwasher SHOULD be able to discharge everything its getting rid of? Its fairly old, but I cant imagine itd make a difference. =/

          Also, would the idea of redoing it and adding a cleanout as near as possible sound good? And simply pop it open and see how its doing ever so often?

          I just dont really see many possibilities here since its a long run and not really changeable :P lol

          Thanks for reading by the way :P


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            Re: Dishwasher drain concern...

            I still haven't heard how this dishwasher is indirectly drained ABOVE a trap.

            As far as rinsing the line, forget it. Not necessary. The DW runs enough water to deal with any food scraps that get in.


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              Re: Dishwasher drain concern...

              It doesnt hit a trap AT ALL. I neglected to mention I was going to add a p trap for it once I redo it :P lol.

              Right now its protected from sewer gases by nothing, but it doesnt smell bad when you open the dishwasher, so I assume that the build up of food etc is blocking it for now.


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                Re: Dishwasher drain concern...

                Ok, managed to take more pictures on my phone to give you all a better idea of what I mean.


                And the under kitchen sink:
                / ontop of sink new faucet:

                My final decision is I will just run a 45 off of the Wye+45 right to the dishwasher and itll pretty much be as direct as it can get =/