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Sump Pump Not enough power

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  • Sump Pump Not enough power

    I need your help with sump pump issues.

    I live in a End-unit town home with a little yard (25 feet between mine & next home).

    I have a finished basement (9 ft deep) with a Sewage pump (Ridgid 3/4 hp for the bathroom), a unknown brand sump pump (unknown that came with the house) and a Watch Dog Backup. The 1-1/4 PVC pipe from the Sump Pump and the watch dog is connected to one 1-1/4 PVC about 5 ft from the ground.

    Last October we had a really heavy rain.
    All 3 pumps worked continuously for hours but could not keep up with the rain. My basement flooded after 4 hours. All my neighbors were O.K. until power went out; we all got flooded.

    My basement was 12 inches deep in water within an hour.

    I think replacing the existing sump pump would be a first option.
    However, I have not found any sump larger than Rigid 1 HP sump pump.
    I am afraid that it may not be enough.
    I search the Internet for larger Sump Pump than 1 HP but could not find one.

    Does anyone have any suggestions????



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    Re: Sump Pump Not enough power

    You need a pump with more gallons per minute, not just horsepower.

    Little Giant Makes some great pumps


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      Re: Sump Pump Not enough power

      Thank you.


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        Re: Sump Pump Not enough power

        Any suggestions for a pump with a higher gpm discharge?


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          Re: Sump Pump Not enough power

          Have a look here

          Hope that helps