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    Anyone ever visit this website? Aside from being very informative I think it would be a great selling tool for you plumbing professionals. Here in Connecticut, there still are a great number of first generation low flow toilets, the ones with narrow unglazed trapways. The kind you generally have to flush twice thereby negating the benefits of the 1.6 gallon Federally mandated fixtures. They (CUWCC) do real world tests on all makes and models of toilets, are unsponsered and appear to be unbiased in their appraisals. Forgive me if this has been posted before, I'm pretty new to the site but I sure do enjoy your company.

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    Re: CUWCC (California Urban Water Conservation Council

    the problem with first generation (1990)1.6 toilets was that the manufacturers were mandated to sell them in california by this date.

    they all jumped in and no real world testing was done.

    my first experience with them was a 544 unit building that we couldn't install until the sewers were run from blocks away. all the rest of the fixtures were already set.

    about 30 of them were used by other trades and left in the boxes

    they flushed just about as good in the box as they did when they were installed

    not until the mid 90's did they have a decent flushing toilet.

    of course my original pressure assist american standard has worked trouble free from day 1.

    i just retired 1 of them after 16 years and the other one is still trouble free

    i replaced it with another pressure flush. never spent a dime or used a plunger on them in 16 years

    now they have 1.28 gpf toilets out. time to get your jetters ready.

    problem with low flow is not getting the toilet to flush. shoot they have a toilet out that can flush a potato. it's getting the waste to carry out to the city main.

    ever since low flow, the soft stoppage business has gone way up.

    a newer piping system (abs, pvc), properly installed can make things work pretty easy. a no hub/ cast iron system has a roughness to it that is not as slick and things do get caught easier. just ask anyone who runs cameras down the line and see what they can push easier and further. abs or cast

    good question for an electrician

    phoebe it is