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SSP-1000 Sump pump stopping

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  • SSP-1000 Sump pump stopping

    Hi all,
    I recently bought and installed an SSP-1000 sump pump with the electronic sensor. It seems to work fine in ejecting the water from the pit. However, it does have a behavior that doesn't seem right. When the pit water level has completely submerged the pump, the pump runs for about 15 seconds, stops, then runs again for 15 seconds, stops, etc. Is this supposed to happen with this model? Shouldn't it just continue to run while completely submerged? Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Re: SSP-1000 Sump pump stopping

    Mine does the same thing. It states in the manual that it will go one and off every 16 seconds. The manual however does not state why?
    Makes no sence.

    My major problem with this pump is that is cycles on and off too much due to a very narrow range. 8" on, 4" off. With a 1 1/2" discharge line it takes all of 3 seconds to empty my pit. It would be much better for the pump (an much less anoying) if it could be adjusted to take 16" of water before it turns on.
    For this reason, I am very dissapointed in the product. Also, with a high cycle rate failure is likely sooner than later.



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      Re: SSP-1000 Sump pump stopping

      Take the pump back, get your money back. That's the best damn advice you'll get and don't back down if they say no.

      Start screaming and knock the candy bar racks to the ground, get on the phone calling 411 till somebody listens. Being extremely LOUD makes people pay attention, turning red in the face and grinding your teeth breeds insanity, unstableness.

      Trust me. Come to the light. The light will show you the way.
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        Re: SSP-1000 Sump pump stopping

        Thanks for the replies. I agree that this RIDGID product is not as good as one would expect and I would not recommend it to anyone. As for returning it, being over 6 months after the purchase, I doubt I'd get very far unfortunately.


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          Re: SSP-1000 Sump pump stopping

          I dont think it is necessary a poor quality product, in fact it appears to be very will made.
          Unless I am missing something due to lack of knowledge, IMO it is a very poor design. Why the 16 second cycles? Why the small on and off range? Most sump pits are 18 - 36" deep. Why is this pump designed to keep the pit bone dry? I would think that keeping the pump submerged in water would be a lot quieter. This thing is so loud it keeps my neighours awake at night!!!!