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  • Plumbing Toilet Question

    Hello All

    New Member

    I am replacing all the toilets in my rentals
    about 20 toilets in total.

    Ok I need to pick a make and a model
    that is flushes great and almost no

    I have bought Kohler in the past but
    expensive now

    Also have heard problems about American
    Standard on some of the toilets back in

    I have found an in-expensive toilet by
    America Standard called the Compact
    Elongated Toilet sold at most home depots
    and lowes which I can get for $150 for
    quantities over 10

    Ok I have read that the Toto Maxi Flush is
    pretty good

    Any opinions

    I would rather spend and extra $100 for a better
    toilet especially if I have less maitenance issues!!!


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    Re: Plumbing Toilet Question

    I would go with the Mansfield Alto if I were you. Just make sure you but it from a reputable plumbing supplier and not one of the big box stores. Parts are very accessible and affordable if needed. The plunger style flush valve can be easily changed to a 210 to give the toilet a higher volume flush. The sealing ring beneath the plunger can be purchased for around $1. Plus the toilets are inexpensive (less than $100) but do an excellent job of flushing. The same tank is used on all of the toilets, if you need an elongated bowl or an ADA bowl, you can also get the ADA bowl in a round front.
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      Re: Plumbing Toilet Question

      The Compact is an iffy flusher. Your money would be better spent on the Amer. Std. Cadet 3. Your tenants will have fewer clog issues.

      The Toto Drake, or many other Toto's, have excellent flush numbers. The Cadet 3 is less money.