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water heater sediment

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    Re: water heater sediment

    I would stick with Rick ,on the tankless.. i dont now how people think they are saving $$$$ just wait........{Been their 20 years ago}

    I would start with the dip tube ...

    on the no circulation,,,if you have a valve under the hose bibb,turn it off ,,turn off the cold supply to the tank off,, conect a water hose to your hosebibb and an outside faucet..turn them on ..and open the pop off on the water heater will clean the line out...


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      Re: water heater sediment

      Originally posted by Ruudacguy View Post
      This makes perfect sense to me. Seems like the curved dip tube is just a band-aid fix.

      His gravity re-circ worked great for about 6 months after he moved in. Not sure what happened for it to quit working. Last year I helped him work on the shower valve in the master bath. Kohler had sent him some parts and I helped him replace them. I cant remember the number on it, but it has the 104 degree stop on the handle, with a button you have to push to get higher temperatures. Anyway, I added a hose-bibb to the 1/2" re-circ line which runs to the bottom of the tank where the drain is. We were thinking maybe somehow the recirc was air locked. It didnt help.

      The house is 8 years old. The original plumber has since partially retired and stopped returning phone calls a few years ago. He did an excellent job on everything, but theres just this small issue on the re-circ. It would be nice to see how he piped it, but that would require tearing out first floor walls and ceilings, and second floor walls. We're not going to do that on a million dollar plus house.

      Theyre on a community well which I think has pretty steady incoming water temps. Not like my city water which varies alot.

      Youre probably right Rick. I think his wife, daughter and him would just hate me if they had endless hot water and lower utility bills.

      Whats a "good" 75 gallon natural gas natural draft heater sell for these days? Its gotta be in the $800 range. Compare that to a good tankless with the flush valves and 10' of vent pipe with a sidewall termination. I think $1400 would be on the high side. He's already got 1 1/4 gas, 1" cold and 3/4" hot. If I can get him to flush it twice a year I think he'd be a good candidate.

      Any resolution Ruudandy???



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        Re: water heater sediment

        I put in a 12 year 75 gallon gas water heater, was a Sears/Kenmore water heater.

        AO Smith makes that heater.

        $669 plus tax.

        I couldn't believe how cheap that was, given the years on the warranty and the build on that tank. No doubt, it was a commercial heater given the cast iron burner and 4" diverter hood. *Higher BTU*

        I priced out that same exact heater at my supply house, same heater except AO SMITH brand, $1300.00

        More people find out about that price difference and absolutely no difference in the heater other than the wrap, they'll raise that price instantly.
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          Re: water heater sediment

          just a thought, cause i only know the therory behing a gravity circ sytem.

          i wonder if giving the dom. HW lines a good flush would help?

          maybe a reverse flush to loosen everthing up then keep flushing until the water comes out clean.

          just wondering.