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Ridgid 37 yoke vise parts

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  • Ridgid 37 yoke vise parts


    I have a ridgid 37 which needs a set of lower jaws. Can anyone point me to a parts diagram or know the part number for the jaws? Would really appreciate the information.

    My folks have a piece of property on a small island, only way to the island is by boat (your own boat, not a ferry) or a float plane (I haven't ever flown to the island on a float plane.) Island does not have electricity or running water (community hand pump well.) Once in a while I have to add or change a bit of propane pipe--last time was adding another propane light--folks are getting a bit older and need more light.

    All the inspectors travel to the small islands via small county owned boats. Can you imagine, drive down to the dock, hop in a boat, and 30 minute trip to the inspection? And it's not like there are streets or house numbers...

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    I have had a blast reading the posts here...

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