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Shower Rough-in issue

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  • Shower Rough-in issue

    Despite my best efforts, my rough-in for the shower waterway feed that will send water to the handheld shower on a slider rail ended up just barely proud of the finished tiled wall. I don't think there is enough thread to attach the waterway connector elbow. The rough-in is 1/2" male connector that supplies the shower hose connector on the other end.

    Is there a bushing/connector of some sort that will extend this connection by a 3/4 or 1 inch? It looks like it would need to be female on the end to connect to the existing rough-in with a threaded male connector on the other end to feed the waterway.

    I could not find something that seemed suitable at the big orange. Is there a name part for this I should seek out at a plumbing supplier?

    Thanks much

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    Re: Shower Rough-in issue

    We call them 'nipple couplings'