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Water backing up in basement floor drain... help?!

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    Re: Water backing up in basement floor drain... help?!

    Suggest You take up Mr. Salt's offer. Doing the camera is a no brainer ! You need info. NOW.

    Good luck Tool
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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      Re: Water backing up in basement floor drain... help?!

      Originally posted by nkyrental View Post
      The plumber could have pushed up a "flap" of roots in the main line, which fell back down and caused the clog to return. I had this happen to me once, I cleaned out a 4 " line, but didn't have a root cutter head so it pushed through the root wall, and didn't remove it. The camera will show all of your problems so they can be taken care of properly.
      Makes me wonder if that is the case, I hope it is the case. The plumber I had come out the past two times is coming again today, but luckily today it will be covered under warranty so it should be a free visit... I told him to bring a cutter head to see if he can get more of the roots or whatever is in there out!

      Originally posted by jrsaltz View Post
      As a member of this forum I would like to offer to help if you would like. I am about an hour from the city but work in there often.

      I have a Ridgid camera with DVD and could provide you with a inspection for a reasonable cost. I can also rod the line or what ever needs to be done.

      There are guys on this forum who I have met personally that can vouch for me and my company.

      Let me know if I can help.
      Thanks so much man, if today doesn't work out and I still do have problems, I will definately shoot you a PM and we can go from there. I'm just really wanting this all to be over, I got laid off 2 months ago and the last thing I need is all these plumbing bills piling up hah!


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        Re: Water backing up in basement floor drain... help?!

        Here's the deal, the plumber came out with another guy today with a spear piece and a brand new chopper claw piece as well. They got in there through the 6" cap, and popped a hole in whatever it was (which was out about 35-40' in the city's area), then clawed at it 3 times and popped whatever crap was in there free!!!!!!!

        We ran a ton of hot water through and it flowed through the 6" opening like a river, seems to be running smooth as brand new again!!!

        Naturally, if we had a camera come out, it would have been determined a city problem and they would have had to fix it, but i still would have had to pay for the camera. Even though, this spring i'd like to camera the drain anyways to make sure all the pipes in the front yard have not shifted at all.

        Thank you to all that have posted in here and gave me some new knowledge!