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PRV: replace or repair?

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  • PRV: replace or repair?

    In my haste to get my soft water system installed, I plumbed the PRV a little too close to the garage wall. Its a Watts 45BU model with NPT female inlet & NPT threaded union outlet.

    I need to replace the valve but of course there is not enough room to rotate the valve off the copper male inlet, unless I cut a relief into the wall paneling and drywall (which I'd rather avoid). 2 options that I see:

    1. Repair the PRV with valve repair kit.

    2. Hacksaw the PRV near the female inlet, install a double union PRV.

    What think ye experts?

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    Re: PRV: replace or repair?

    Replace with new, done deal. Double union allows for easy replacement down the road.

    I've never rebuilt a PRV, and I don't think I'd warrant it because of fear of leaks.

    Something about a factory seal makes my insurance feel good at night.
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      Re: PRV: replace or repair?

      prv's are disposable items---like all watts backflows -- they are meant to be tossed out----if you cut it off, be careful--you cut the threads, you make a lot more work

      good luck


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        Re: PRV: replace or repair?

        I'm with Dunbar for this one, way easier to put two unions in
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